Ravindra Kumar

Founder and CEO at FrontierWallet, Ex-CTO at InstaDApp, Blockchain Developer, Android Developer, Crypto Investor


  • FrontierWallet.com

    Manage your DeFi positions across multiple protocols without compromising your safety or security.

  • InstaDApp.io

    All in One, Blockchain Finance. One Stop Solution to Decentralised Financial Protocols.

  • AndroidStarters.com

    Boilerplate for your next Android project, made simple. Handcrafted starter projects, optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

  • Rover

    Testing/Interaction for your Smart Contract made simple.

  • KotlinExtensions.com

    A handy collection of most commonly used Kotlin extensions to boost your productivity.


  • Pragmatic Kotlin for Android Developer: GDG Devfest Ahmedabad, 2017

    Practical Tips to Migrate your Android App to Kotlin, http://devfest.gdgahmedabad.com/

  • Android Reactive Programming with RxJava Workshop: Droidcon India, 2015


  • Maintainable Titanium Apps: TiConf Bangalore, 2014


  • Android Build, Test and Deploy with Gradle Workshop: Droidcon India, 2013


  • RESTful API using Node with Express: JSFOO India, 2012